Classic Story

Boy meets girl. Girl marries boy. Girl has blog. 

Hi! I'm Dara Lynn Smith. 



Where I've Worked: 

Martha Stewart Weddings, Hearst Magazines (e.g. Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, Marie Claire, etc.), Swire Hotels and a few places in between

What I Do:

Marketing, branding, social media strategy and events (more on that: HERE

What I Obsess Over: 

Wedding details, design and decor (think floral accent walls and eclectic lounge furniture)

Bride Type:

AB+ (detailed, controlling and overexcited until the wedding day when I became a deer in headlights)

So What. Who Cares?

 This isn't about me. It's about you and your wedding. If you like what you read, keep reading! 


Welcome to THE FIRST LOOK.