Ten Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Planning Process

The chill bride. Is there such a thing? Since when is it uncool to care about one of the most important moments of your life? There's no need to be a bridezilla, but every bride should feel proud of putting a little TLC into her special day.  Otherwise, just go to Vegas. Here are ten ways to put the chill in your wedding and still care. 

1. Delegate that sh*t

Make a plan, pass it off and move on. You get one day in your life to boss people around. Use it. 

2. Let it gooo

Does it really matter that your cousin wore the sparkly heels you vetoed? Sure doesn't. Get over it.

3. Get comfy

Find comfort where you can. Maybe it's flats versus heels or commando instead of a corset. It's a long day. Give yourself a break. 

4. Think big on the big day

All about the details? Cool. Now, forget them. A smiling bride is so much prettier than a squinty control freak bride. 

5.  Take a sip

Your paleo diet says alcohol is forbidden. Whoops. There's no better time to take the edge off. It won't kill you. Promise. 

6. Eat up

Same thing for food. Hangry brides are the worst. 

7.  Family matters

Your in-laws just won't give up? If it's something small, it's better to just give them what they want. Don't let family drama dilute your moment. 

8. Be the CFO

Manage your budget to a T and write your own checks (even if you're not financing the wedding). Knowing exactly how much you're spending will add perspective and help eliminate costs. 

9. Manage expectations

Ready to be wowed by your maid of honor's toast? Don't set yourself up for disappointment. Celebrate each moment as it comes and not a moment before. 

10. Get out of town

If you can swing it, go for the honeymoon right after the wedding. You can settle those bills later. Take a little time to reflect, relax and start your new life as a married couple. 



I’m not like a regular bride. I’m a cool bride.
— Every bride ever