2018 Swim Looks for your Groom & Gram 

Best Destination Wedding/Honeymoon Swim Suits 

If it's July in Miami, it's hot, muggy and most likely raining, but amidst the barrage of retiree complaints and fogged up glasses, you can find one week of unadulterated fun, skin and swimwear. Miami Swim Week is the only time of year that celebs, models and everyday folk can frolic around 5-star hotels in barely there bikinis with minimal side-eye. 

This year's thong song included a medley of fringe, cut outs, bridal white hues and S&M-inspired straps to show off your bridal bod. So without further ado, here are the best cheeky looks from Miami Swim Week to bust out at your bachelorette party, destination wedding or honeymoon.

BRIDES BEWARE: You're going to want to pair these suits with a Costco-sized bottle of sunscreen to avoid the world's weirdest sunburn/longest editing job for your photographer.