Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year (Ultraviolet) and Your Wedding

What better way to start off 2018 than with a little bit of wedding color inspiration? If you were unable to escape the pile of Amazon gift boxes long enough to hear the announcement of Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year back in December, you're not alone. To bring you up to speed, the winning color is...wait for it...ultraviolet. We'll give you a second to compose yourself.

The wedding world has been in purple pandemonium since the news broke - unapologetically posting their #purpleweddings with a combination of trepidation and excitement. According to the Pantone website, ultraviolet signifies inventiveness and imagination, but we recognize the hue might be a wee over-the-top for some. Don't let its brazenness scare you. There are numerous ways to color your wedding purple without over-dyeing it. We've scrolled through the depths of Instagram to bring you the best UV wedding details. Spoiler alert - they don't include Pepto Bismol-washed bridesmaid dresses or blinding uplights. 


 Wedding Invitation Patterns

Invitations are easy ways to add a pop of color without overwhelming the retinas. We love the gentle use of violet and blue in this fruit-filled envelope liner. 

 Photo by  @audreygracephoto  ⠀

 Photo by @audreygracephoto ⠀


Amethyst Engagement Ring

We admit there's nothing low-key about an electric purple engagement ring, but we're all in on diamond alternatives this year. And this regal amethyst is making us feel some type of way. 


Purple Flower Photo Accents 

If an ultraviolet ring isn't your thing, consider styling a few UV flowers with your wedding bands for a ring shot worthy of a wall display. 

Photo by  bridegoeswild 2018 via Andrii Oleksiienko -

Photo by bridegoeswild2018 via Andrii Oleksiienko -


Plush Purple Bridal Shoes

 A refreshing alternative to the traditional "something blue" that's graced the toes of many-a-bride, Badgley Mishka's purple pumps provide a flirty yet elegant addition to your wedding ensemble. 

Photo by  xeniaserova

Photo by xeniaserova


Wedding Cake with Violet Florals

You can purpleify your cake through delicate floral accents rather than covering it with a rigid and unnatural fondant. It will taste exponentially better, and you won't need protective eyewear to ogle your creation. 


Purple Macarons

If your cake taste veers in the more classic direction, chic up your dessert table with an array of ultraviolet macarons. These little French delights come in fruity flavors like raspberry and blueberry and package beautifully for a sweet takeaway. 

Photo by  magpiewedding

Photo by magpiewedding


Vintage Purple Tableware

With so many pieces to a dining set, tableware offers endless opportunities for an ultraviolet invasion. Casa de Perrin nails it with vintage water goblets and a lavender salad plate.  

Photo by  casadeperrin

Photo by casadeperrin


Old Fashioned Rugs

Jewel tones have been a fan favorite for rugmakers for years, allowing a feet-first method for a bright burst of color. 

Photo by   @lev_chudov .   

Photo by  @lev_chudov

Wedding Décor Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are the ultimate event lounge add-ons. These ultraviolet and lavender silk throws add a feminine touch to the classicly designed love seat. 

Photo by  rentvintagechic  

Photo by rentvintagechic 

Violet Bridal Bouquet

Going for the obvious here, but flowers in all shades naturally add beauty. Pair ultraviolet tones with surprising shades like a cherry red or royal blue rather than going all in on purple. 

Photo by  marrymetampabay  

Photo by marrymetampabay