A Natural Beauty Tip Cheat Sheet for Your Wedding Weekend

Your wedding day is almost here, and you've reached the home stretch of your bridal boot camp. You've achieved your goal weight, your microdermabrasion sessions clearly paid off, and your vegan diet has elevated your skin to a level that no carnivore will ever experience. But lo and behold, you receive an unwelcome visit from your least favorite guest - a ghastly pimple on the very tip of your nose. What's the point of sticking to a clean diet when you break out like a prepubescent tween on the most important day of your life? 

Much of the beauty content for brides covers what to do during the months before the wedding, but what should you do when the wedding arrives? How can you make sure the unavoidable stress of saying "I do" doesn't manifest itself in the middle of your forehead? Paola Ortega, our natural beauty expert, and First Look real bride, is all about that clean, natural life (and has the skin to prove it). President of her own communications firm, by day and Beautycounter consultant by side hustle, this girl knows what's up in the beauty biz. She's sharing her top tips for clear and vibrant wedding weekend skin, based on her beauty know-how and wedding experience. She's also gifting some of her top product must-haves to Beautycounter customers (details below) so get to shoppin! 


 Paola's Wedding Weekend Natural Beauty Tips


Beauty Hacks for the Night Before the Wedding

A Natural Beauty Tip Cheat Sheet for Your Wedding Weekend
  1. Thoroughly clean your face. When I wear heavy makeup, my face needs a little extra love. For my wedding, I wanted to ensure my face was well-hydrated so I gave it lots of TLC. The night before, I cleansed with Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm. I absolutely love this product because it’s ultra-moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and super velvety. It can also be used as an overnight mask! Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1?! I also used it as an overnight mask the night before my welcome dinner. 

  2. Hydrate your skin! After my face was nice and fresh, I applied Rejuvenating Eye Cream (an absolute staple in my AM & PM routine; and the reason I originally fell in love with Beautycounter products). I lathered my face with a No. 1 Brightening Oil, a facial oil filled with omega-rich marula oil for intense hydration and vitamin C, to brighten and even the skin tone. Once all that goodness soaked in, I applied Metta Intensive Face Balm (in lieu of my daily staple - the Rejuvenating Night Cream) for extra hydration. This balm has a mix of oils and botanical ingredients that promote moisture and skin suppleness.


  3. Drink a TON of water! I made sure to chug water throughout the evening and straight through the morning.

  4. SLEEP! I went to bed later than I planned (because our welcome dinner turned into a bit of a party!) I honestly didn’t get much sleep once I was in bed (too excited, nervous, anxious!), but I used aromatherapy to help soothe and relax my nerves. I love doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend, which has lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile and sandalwood for a restful night sleep. I put this in my diffuser and allowed my room to fill up with the scent while I got ready for bed. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can dab some on your pillow and bed sheets. It works just the same.

Wedding Day Beauty Routine

A Natural Beauty Tip Cheat Sheet for Your Wedding Weekend
  1. Try an ice bath. When I woke up in the morning, I drank a large glass of water and then drenched my face in ice water. It got the blood circulating, helped with the bags under my eyes, and woke me up real quick! 

  2. Prep your face for a FULL day of makeup! After exfoliating with a gentle cream exfoliator, I used a hydrating face mask by Beautycounter that helps promote smooth skin. I also applied my favorite eye mask by Juice Beauty, for an instant eye lift. After the mask, I continued with my regular routine -  Rejuvenating Eye Cream, No. 1 Brightening, and Rejuvenating Day Cream. But this time, I finished it off by massaging my face with my jade roller to ensure all the oils and creams would seep into my skin, leaving me with smooth skin and a beautiful glow, so I was ready to roll once my makeup artist arrived! 


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