Five Tips for a More Sustainable Wedding

5 Green Wedding Ideas 

By Vanessa Celestin, Circle Charly

Getting married has to be one of the most exciting and stressful moments a couple will experience. There are tons of decisions to make that feel like cutting the red or green wire in an action film -- the suspense is daunting, but the thrill is one hell of a ride! 

With all that pressure, who can wrap their mind around making every decision eco-friendly, low-impact, cruelty-free, ethical, sustainable and any other word as it relates to making positive impacts on the environment? But there’s a lot we can do as brides (and grooms) to make conscious decisions that benefit our communities and the world!

Throughout our wedding planning process, my husband and I made conscious efforts to be less wasteful and more resourceful. It didn’t require a lot from us or our vendors, and it inspired our friends and family to create beautiful experiences without compromising style or sustainability.

Here are a few tips to help you add something green to your big day.


Your wedding dress can be green, too!

Well maybe not the color (unless that’s your thing), but many indie bridal designers are creating cool wedding gowns that are sourced and produced with ethical practices. Just take a look at Rue De Seine, Truvelle, Lia Terni, and Laudae who are all making Pinterest-worthy gowns and accessories with the earth in mind.


Indoor or outdoor venue? Try to keep the impact low.

Your wedding venue often sets the tone for the entire wedding --- the date, the theme, the food, and so on. Choosing an outdoor or LEED-certified venue is a great way to minimize the amount of energy consumed on the big day.


Save the Paper. 

There are many alternative options for wedding stationery. From your announcements to your invites, you can create beautiful digital stationery through apps like Canva. Another option is to work with a vendor who’s willing to use recyclable paper or create stationery with multi-purposes.


Donate your flowers.

Everyone’s abuela or tati likes to snag a floral centerpiece or two. That’s fine, but donate the florals they leave behind to a nursing home, women’s shelter or hospital. Imagine giving a total stranger a beautiful floral arrangement. You’ll bring them so much joy!


Keep it small, sister.

Couples are moving past 300-person-weddings and calling for something more intimate. A simple way to make your wedding more green is to limit your guest list, which lessens the carbon footprint. I know Mom wants to invite the sweet lady who pinched your cheeks when you were two, but it’s not necessary. Thanks to social media, she can stream the wedding live from her phone! Celebrate your forever union with those who have invested in your relationship. Trust me. It not only helps the environment, but your pockets as well.

There are tons of other ways to add something green to your wedding day. Whatever you do, remember, we were gifted this beautiful world by God. Let us nurture it and protect it every day.

Need a little extra help sourcing eco-friendly vendors? Send us a note, and we'll help a girl out! 


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