The Truth About Your Wedding Invitations

By Monique Garcia, Only One Mark, Inc

There are so many things that go into planning a wedding. From booking the venue and your photographer to buying the perfect dress, it can be all overwhelming. And if you don’t have a planner to assist with your big day, sometimes details can be overlooked until the very last minute. 

Invitations happen to be one of the most important of details for your special event. Why? I’m sure you must be thinking “Well, your guests need to get the information somehow.” That’s only half correct. Not only does your invitation provide guests with vital information, but it also sets the expectation for their experience at your event. 

“So where do I even start?” you must be thinking. At Only One Mark, Inc., we try to keep things as straightforward as possible. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:


When should I send out my invitations? 

It is always recommended to send your invitations two to three and a half months before your event date. I often tell clients to pretend as though your wedding month doesn’t exist in your timeline. Why? Because exactly one month before your wedding is the date when you should receive the response cards (RSVPs) from your guests to notify your caterer and venue of your final guest count.


When should I begin working on my invitations?

We always suggest working with a stationer (like us) six to eight months before your event. Designing your invitations and processing your physical order can take some time, mainly depending on the look, printing method, and materials used for your design. So while choosing your style of invite, it is essential to ask your stationer which method will achieve your desired look without compromising the cost and quality of your order.


What are the standard pieces I should include in my invitation?

Simple: the invitation and a response card (RSVP). The invitation will provide all the necessary information for your guests including time, date, location and who is getting married. The RSVP gives you an idea whether your guest can attend your event. You can also add a menu selection response area should you allow guests to choose their platters for the night. 



Do I really have to send a physical RSVP (and add more cost by covering my guest’s postage)?

It is truly up to you. I always remind clients that not everyone will intentionally visit the wedding website to enter their RSVP. There is also the risk that a guest will add additional "co-guests" that you do not have the budget to host. If you do choose to go the untraditional, digital route, it is important that you make sure the system used to collect your RSVP information will limit your guests. It is also crucial for the website or system to be password protected as you do not want random Facebook friends who may not have been invited to find a way to invite themselves. I would also consider at least adding a few physical RSVPs to the order as your older guests may not be as technologically savvy and want to stick to mailing in their response.


Would I be able to purchase Wedding Day Paper Goods from a stationer as well?

Of course! That is actually one of my favorite details to design because I can set the designs of the paper goods to match those of the invitation suite, making your entire paper good suite look cohesive.

Monique garcia, Only One Mark, Inc.

The First Look Guest Blogger

Only One Mark, Inc. specializes in beautiful custom invitations and paper goods for all event types. Since 2011, we have been committed to providing our clients with excellent, one of a kind products. We love creating memorable paper goods that both you and your guests will cherish forever. We also pride ourselves on creating a continuous theme throughout your entire stationery suite. From invitations to place cards to thank you cards, your guests will recognize a cohesive design throughout your suite.

We love working with clients who appreciate the small details and unique qualities of our paper goods. We aim to showcase the best parts of your personality through our design work. Whether it's fun silhouettes, custom artwork or something entirely different, we strive to sprinkle a dash of magic in every project we touch. 

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